Riehl Solutions, Inc.

At Riehl Solutions, our team partners with our clients to help them meet their goals.  We provide:

In an association management arrangement, several organizations share resources for cost savings and efficiency, and at Riehl Solutions, they still remain autonomous with unique phone numbers, email, and even cloud-based file systems specific and accessible to the client.

Our clients have access to our sister company, Think Space, a unique facilitation where space matters.  Creatively designed to encourage strong outcomes from meetings.  Hold your next meeting at Think Space.

In the 15 years that IMAGIN has worked with Riehl Solutions, they have helped us energize our association, reverse our membership decline, and achieve greater membership engagement and growth.  The entire staff has been the perfect balance of professional and personable, and they are much more than just our association management company, they are an integral part of our team.   We simply could not achieve all that we do without them.  

Thomas Van Bruggen, President of IMAGIN, Inc.

“Perfect balance of professional and personable”

Riehl Solutions has provided association management for Michigan Public Purchasing Officers Association (MPPOA) for several years.  The team is comprised of dedicated individuals who are experts in their field.  Their creativity is unmatched and their services are exceptional.  Our association is treated as a priority and works diligently to help us meet our goals.  Instead of being a vendor, Riehl Solutions have become a thoughtful partner, integral to the success of MPPOA.

Seleana Samuel, MPPOA Past President

“A thoughtful partner, integral to the success of MPPOA”